ACTIONS Life Long Learning Program (LLL) is a dynamic program that introduces participants to new experiences with food, home independence, other cultures, and their rights and privileges as Canadian citizens.  It will also provide career-building skills, all the while reinforcing academic and employment skills/goals.  The overall intent is to stimulate personal growth and exploration, to lead participants to greater levels of independence in their daily lives, to promote positive and build on habits of life long learning.

LLL choices include three separate modules called:  Food for Life, Welcome to My Home, and Rights and Responsibilities.  Each module weaves in components of the others, yet stand alone.  Each module includes learning, skill development, instruction, and practices active community involvement.  Evaluation and ongoing feedback by participants and their support teams is an important piece to the continuing development of the program.  Feedback from learners, parents and caregivers to date has been highly positive, indicating high levels of satisfaction, learning, and personal growth.

The Food for Life component focuses on learning fundamental skills and knowledge about nutrition, food, health, budgeting and shopping for food preparation, and safe food practices.

While also learning about various other places to live - for example, other cultures and differences/similarities within our own communities - Welcome to My Home focuses on learning just about anything and everything about living in your own space and what that looks like; where home and community is; and how to create, maintain, and be safe in your own space, wherever that is.  Again, rights and responsibilities and employment themes are woven throughout.

Finally, the Rights and Responsibilities piece includes learning about self-community, city, municipalities, voting, citizenship, and government; also, learning about what responsibilties are and how they are part of being a "good citizen."

All participants of our Actions Programs are referred to us through Community Living British Columbia.

For further information about our Actions Life Long Learning Program, please contact:

Jennifer Carano, Community Inclusion Manager
(250) 741-0224, ext. 229
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