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Our mission

Through an unwavering commitment to delivering high quality services with integrity, to actively support as many people with diversabilities as possible in their journey to lead thriving lives.

Our vision

A world where all people with diversabilities thrive.

Our purpose

Nanaimo Association for Community Living and the people we care for and their families accept the daily challenge to live innovative and fulfilled lives through a person-centered approach to life and living.


Our organization believes it’s important to listen to our people’s wants and needs. We believe that a holistic approach to life and living examines all facets of an individual, in order to achieve personal growth and development.

Our desire at NACL is to have an inclusive Nanaimo community understand and welcome members of the community as individuals, and that the community see the value in building those bridges and opportunities in order for inclusion to take place.

What are diversabilities?

A person with diversabilities may develop differently than others. This difference varies greatly between individuals and may not be accompanied by a physical condition.


Many of us may confuse diversabilities (sometimes called developmental disabilities) with other disorders, or we may have been influenced by a variety of myths and stereotypes regarding the capabilities of people with diversabilities.


Individuals with diversabilities are able to participate in social activities, are able to work, and engage in life like we all do.

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