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Incidentally, the name of NACL's regular communication bulletin is also called "What's Happening!" Here are links to issues from the two most recent calendar years. You will need a PDF reader (i.e. Adobe Acrobat) to view these files:

Please note that our annual publishing cycle is February, May, August, and November. 


For archive issues of our newsletter or to request any referred-to attachments, contact Marlena Stewart, Executive Assistant, at (250) 741-0224, ext. 224 or

Offical Documents
Strategic Plan
AGM Materials
Goverance Reports

NACL produces over a dozen Governance Reports each year.  Above is a summary version of our Performance Analysis and Outcomes Measurement (PAOM) Report, which encompasses all Governance Reports. 

For a full copy of the PAOM Report or any of our other NACL Governance Reports, contact Marlena Stewart, Executive Assistant, at (250) 741-0224, ext. 224, (778) 268-2022, or

Accreditation Reports
Other Reports
External Links

The following are links to some of NACL's funding/governing entities and affiliations, plus community partners/employers:

Funding/Governing Entities and Affiliations

Community Partners/Employers

Employee Resources
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